Greetings from Saskatoon!

So we’ve finally given in and decided to use some open source “blog” and “media management” software to run our site. This should allow us to keep things much more current (as well as look a bit more professional). Please forgive the boringness of the site right now. We’re just using some default “themes” that came with the software. Hopefully we’ll be able to make things look more customized in the future.

A link to our photo albums can be found at the right sidebar. Not much there now but we will be adding to them regularly.

There’s also a link to our old site if you’re missing that.

Anyway, that’s enough talk for now. Enjoy the pics and hopefully I can get Michèle to keep this blog updated.


2 Responses to “Greetings from Saskatoon!”

  1. alli Says:

    Lookin’ good! How does the Gallery software work? I’ll have to check that out. Is it pretty easy?

  2. imbaw Says:

    It installs on your server pretty much the same as WordPress (unless you used to create your site). Basically you download the files from Gallery, upload the files to your server, browse to the folder you uploaded the files to, and then do a little configuration. There are some minimum requirements for your server but I would think that yours meets them all. Once I had both WordPress and Gallery2 installed, I then installed the WordPress WPG2 plug-in to integrate them.

    Sometimes the Gallery2 stuff runs slow and while I think there are more things I can do to optimize performance, I also believe our “inexpensive” hosting might be partly to blame. I’ve also read that the Gallery programmers are working to increase speed as well.

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