183 pounds?

Posted in General on June 19th, 2008 by mish

As an addendum to my last posting, when my father saw my quantitative pregnancy plots he immediately noted that the relationships were linear and thus wanted to know ‘how big will you be after 9 months?’.   Well extrapolation of the plots to 9 months suggest I will be 183 pounds heavy and 47 inches around, by January 7th 2009.  This may not be too far off the mark as I hit 179 pounds the day Thomas was born.  And for the record, I lost all but 3 of the pounds I gained last time…

Mish 🙂

…Bring June Flowers!

Posted in General on June 19th, 2008 by mish

OK it’s June 17th. I missed posting my thoughts back in May. But this was for good reason(s). First of all there were no flowers blooming in May. The weather was cold and dry for most of the month, and if I couldn’t report on the flowers blooming I just didn’t see any reason to post anything. The lilac tree finally bloomed around June 1st, about 3 weeks late, along with the tulips, which are still blooming in the front yard. Tulips in June? Ridiculous!

Another reason not to post in May – Too much traveling. We were away from Saskatoon from May 15th until June 1st. First a work/holiday trip to Ireland with the 3 of us and Imbaw’s mom, followed by attendance at a Alyson M’s wedding. Both were lovely times, but the exhaustion was compounded by the additional fact that I am once again pregnant. The nausea and fatigue factors of the first trimester have been pretty high and pretty much led to my exclusion from involvement in any extracurricular activities (aside from all the travel!).

Monitoring the Pregnancy. So when I was pregnant with Thomas 2 years ago my dearest brother couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been plotting my weight and girth increases regularly. So for his benefit and my own humor, I am plotting these values this time round. I haven’t figured out how to post the actual plots yet, but will keep working on this. What you do need to know for now is that my rate of weight gain so far (since April 28, 2008) has been 0.190 pounds/day. My rate of girth increase has been 0.067 inches/day (this is about 1.7mm/day for those who prefer metric). Plotted as a function of each other, this comes to 0.344inches/pound (8.7mm/pound). What  fun! You can see the plots by clicking HERE to open a PDF image of them, but again hopefully I’ll figure out a better way to post them live.

OK that’s it for now. Everyone is doing well, even the cats and dog. Mish 🙂