37 degrees and still simmering…

Posted in General on July 7th, 2008 by mish

July has arrived and with it hot temperatures (37 degrees Celsius last Monday!!) and a slowing of the general pace of everything.  Despite being up 15 pounds and pregnant I managed to get out windsurfing 3 times last week (moved into the 2nd trimester – so nausea and headaches are gone thank goodness!).  Twice at Blackstrap and once at Redberry. I can’t say that ‘I’ve still go it’ but it was a lot of fun.  Raced a total of 5 races – discovered that I need about 8 knots of wind on the old MSA cobra to stay ahead of the lasers and 29ers.  Any less than this and I shoot out the back of the pack.

While I was busy windsurfing, Thomas and Imbaw flew to Boston for a family visit.  Good parties were had and a trip to the Boston Aquarium was a highlight.  If you would like to see some video footage of ‘Thomas and the fish’ drop us an email and well send you the link. Everyone is now back home and the BBQ is just heating up for the season!

By way of a news flash – Matt is moving back to Saskatoon!  He officially started his new position as an assistant professor at the Veterinary College last week.  Not that he has moved yet.  He will commute between Saskatoon and Vancouver until September 1st, finishing up experiments at UBC while starting to write grants to fund his own research in the mean time.  The vet college is right across the street from PBI, so I look forward to working and playing with Matt in the future!