Turning Leaves in August?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25th, 2008 by mish

Well the tulips didn’t bloom until June, but this hasn’t delayed the start of the end.  I’ve spotted more than a few leaves that have already turned yellow.  This brings me to the midpoint of being pregnant, just under 20 weeks to go.  I’m up to 160 pounds and am 38 inches around.  Latest pics indicate it’s a boy and that all is well with him.  He started kicking the heck out of my lower organs a few weeks ago, already indicating that he shares his brothers active disposition.  Otherwise the summer has been BUSY!  We’ve seen lot’s of Matt coming and going as he commutes between Saskatoon and Vancouver, finishing up there and starting up here.  Island life mom came for an extended 10 day visit in late July which included a roadtrip/camping expedition into the rural past of south eastern Saskatchewan, searching for old homesteads and burial plots.  Thomas loved the part where he and I and mom all slept together in the tent!  Following a few days at the lake sailing tumbleweeds we then headed east to New England. Went paddling on the New Meadows inlet in Maine with Alyson, hit the Lake Sunapee beaches in New Hampshire with Thomas’ cousins Bou and Nysaa, as well as Aunt Alli and Uncle Aidan and relaxed over tasty meals at Lola’s in Newton.

Otherwise we finally got some pics of our Spring trip to Ireland up – follow the ‘albums’ link on the right and enter the same old password.