Five Years…

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. . . and all is wonderful.

. . . and all is wonderful.

Happy 6th Birthday Lucy!

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Lucy is doing well at the ripe old age of 6.  The eye problem (cataracts was it?) persists and while we originally had to give Lucy eye drops 5 times a day, this is down to 2 times a day every second day, which makes it alot more feasible.  Her sight seems the same as always.  The IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) remains a problem, but 6 years later we have pretty well figured out what to avoid – including wheat, corn flour, lamb, seafood, chocolate and tomatoes.  Fortunately for Lucy dairy remains a good friend, and in fact she eats ice cream for desert every night…as do her owners…Mmmmm…ice cream!

Lucy 6 years Old.