Close Encounter of a Christmas Kind!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19th, 2008 by mish

Looks like it will be a white Christmas in Saskatoon this year!  10 days ago the thermometer dipped down to -34 degrees Celsius and hasn’t been above -20 since.  Brrr.  Snow accumulation hasn’t been enough for tracked skiing, but we seem to get a little bit more every night (total accumulation is about 4 inches so far), so hopefully by the new year we’ll be swooshing over fields and dale.  Thomas is intrigued by all things Christmas this year, presents, christmas trees, and SANTA!  Or ‘AHANTA’ as Thomas calls him.  Santa visited a Christmas party that Thomas was attending and I’m posting a picture of Thomas’s ‘close encounter’. That’s about it from this end.  We aren’t travelling anywhere this holiday season, just hanging out waiting for ‘mom’ to pop anyday now…