Minus 32 on March 9th…

Posted in General on March 10th, 2009 by mish

OK, it’s still ridiculously cold here.  So we continue to play in the snow.  This past weekend, we got out for a great cross country ski together – as in all four of us.  Bit of an ordeal, but well worth the sweat involved…CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE A FULL SIZE VERSION.

pics_090307_-057 pics_090307_-073

Through shear desperation, Thomas has taken to playing in the abandoned playgrounds by himself no matter the temperature…often getting to the playground is fun in itself…’faster dad, faster!’

pics_090301_-113 pics_090301_-071 pics_090301_-021

Nathaniel on the other hand prefers to just stay indoors wearing warm fleece pants and his doggy slippers while doing battle with the cats…

pics_090227_-069 pics_090307_-019 pics_090307_-015

No Pie Please…

Posted in General on March 9th, 2009 by mish

Thomas’ verbal communication skills are improving dramatically these days, which has led to a number of amusing conversations that highlight a rather subtle sense of humor in this two year old.  Recently when putting Thomas to bed I said to him ‘Goodnight Sweety Pie!’, to which he replied with a shake of his head: ‘me no pie, me boy’.  A few nights before that I asked Thomas what his name was, he replied ‘me boy’, so I asked again and in a valiant attempt to pronounce the name Thomas – he in fact said ‘Toast’, which happens to be one of his favorite two food groups. I then asked him if his name was ‘Toast’ and he started laughing and said ‘ me boy toast!!’.  The next day at breakfast I said ‘good morning boy toast!’,  at which he started laughing and said ‘ no toast, me bagel’, which is his other favorite food group….