Jolly Jumping…

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West Bath, ME – May

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From NJ, we made a brief pit stop in Boston and then headed north to Maine to visit Alyson and Ray and Dane the dog.  Thomas was quite taken with the boats and games at the Maritime Museum while Michelle was quite taken with the Lobster at Cook’s…Mmmm….

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Princeton and Jersey City, NJ – April

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Upon our arrival in New England we set out to visit a couple of Imbaw’s high school friends both living down in New Jersey.  The first, Jesse Lerman, is located in Princeton, a lovely college town an hour south of NYC.  Thomas had a great time playing with 4 year old Maya, and Nathaniel whooped it up with Ezra – 7 months old.  Click on the image to see a larger version of each photo.  Teena was feeling under weather leaving Michele to enjoy her chocolate/orange ice cream cone in the 93 degree heat.

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From Princeton we headed back North to Jersey City where we met up with John Li for some yummy Chinese food and a view of Manhattan.

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Avocados at Long Last!

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Nathaniel turned 4 months old on May 1st and we celebrate the event by preparing and feeding him freshly mushed avocado. His first solid food. He had been grabbing plates and food off of the table in the last few weeks, so that when he was actually presented with his fist spoonful of avocado, he quickly grabbed and shoved it into his mouth and down his throat such that he ended up gagging and spluttering on his first bite…After the initial excitement he happily settled down and gummed a good portion!


New Transportation System…

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After considerable time and effort over the last week we have new transportation available to us.  A 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan.  It’s hard for me to get my mind around the idea of being a minivan owner – but on the other hand I’ve already come to appreciate the space it presents and Lucy is going to be pleased as punch having the entire back bench all to herself!