A Few Portraits by THOMAS

Thomas’ drawing skills are escalating these days to the point that he is actually drawing specific things.  Here are a few of his best efforts so far.  As always, click on the thumbnail to see a full size version.

DSC_0091reduced DSC_0080reduced DSC_0077reduced

In case you weren’t able to distinguish from the actual drawings Thomas indicated to us that: The first is a refrigerator and a boat.  The second is a watermelon and the third is a Kayak.  At the same time his finger painting skills are improving as well in that he now chooses his colors, applies the paint himself and then obviously does the painting himself.  In this particular one he used a variety of techniques including single finger smearing, full hand splats and as an additional medium – paper towel blotting.  When he was done he said ‘I’m DONE’.


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