Halloween at a glance…

Posted in General on November 1st, 2009 by mish

Nathaniel’s first Halloween!  What fun.  He opted to dress up as ‘BatBi’ – aka Bat Baby.  Yes recycling Thomas’ first costume, but there was one big difference.  Nathaniel is walking.  Thomas was not.  A whole different BatBi emerged this year.  For example,  there was a Fridge caper midday. ‘Grapes?  No I don’t have any grapes in my mouth…’ As always click on the thumbnail to see a full size version of the pics.

2009_October - 144 2009_October - 149 2009_October - 151

Thomas on the other hand put together a great Fireman Thomas costume.  With all the fixings including an axe, walkie talkie, fire extinguisher, hat, flashlight, and even his own fire engine… I’ll have to come up with more cost effective costumes in the future!!

2009_October - 163 2009_October - 175 2009_October - 184

As we were walking out the door to go trick or treating, Thomas suddenly says ‘Mom where’s your costume?’ ‘Why aren’t you wearing it?”.  Thus I was forced to run upstairs and improvise something quickly yielding a somewhat ‘frazzled’ looking witch.  I thought the baggy long underwear was especially effective! Imbaw stayed home and gave out candy – we had a total of 27 kids.  Too much snow and H1N1.  We hit a total of 7 houses and that was it – home and straight to bed…Imbaw and I stayed up and watched ‘Twilight’ the movie.  It was cute – and not too scary for me!