And then there was Snowboarding…March

Posted in General on March 27th, 2010 by mish

On March 12th Thomas donned his first snowboard and took to the hills in New Hampshire…quite gleefully I might add! He rode the magic carpet with ease right from his very first time up and hit some pretty high speeds on the way down.  He pulled a couple 180’s, a full 360 roll and rode right over the front of some other dude’s snowboard…Not bad for a first time out!  CLick on teh Thumbs to see full size. Hard to catch the action in still photo’s – so Imbaw made a 3 minute movie that covers all the action. Follow the movie link and answer this question to get access ‘ Does Thomas like his cross country skiis or snowboard best?’

Of Cross Country Skiing, Snowmen and Hockey…February

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Although we didn’t get much snow in Saskatoon until Late January, when it did start falling it was beautiful and of course awesome for skiing on.  Thomas took  a liking to his cross country skis and we got out a couple times all together…However dad had his work cut out for him later in the day! Click on the Thumbs to see full size.

In Mid February we headed down to Boston.  Fortunately we had a big dump of snow shortly after our arrival and Lola and Thomas went to work…Later that week Phil offered up a free hockey lesson on Spy Pond out his new backdoor. Thomas fared marginally better than Nathaniel…

January Birthdays…

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Well the highlights of January mostly included a couple Birthday parties.  Nathaniel turned 1 on January 1st and Thomas turned 3 on January 16th. Nathaniel developed a new found lust for cake and table dancing, while the cat took a liking to one of the gifts! Other than that we mostly just hunkered down and tried to stay warm! Click on the thumbnail to see the full size version.