April Showers…come and go in BC…

Posted in Travel on May 12th, 2010 by mish

Toward spending a little more time with Michele’s mom we decided to relocate for a few months out to Vancouver Island.  Michele and the two boys flew out April 22nd and Imbaw drove out two weeks later after finishing a fairly major bathroom reno in Saskatoon. We are located a 20 minute bike ride from my mom’s house and a 10 minute jog from the beach.

Our address for the next 4 months or so is:

512 Hawthorne Drive, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1A5, Canada.  Phone (250) 594-8793

Things have been hectic so far, between spending time with ‘Grammie’, working full time remotely and all the usual daily stuff that can’t be ignored. Indeed shortly after our arrival, Thomas turned red and bumpy all over and was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever!  But 7 days of Amoxicilin and he is good to go again. Now with Imbaw here and things generally settling down, should anyone of you find yourselves in the area we’d love to see you!