‘M’ is for the month of May…

‘M’ is for Mother’s Day! The first Mother’s Day that Michele and her mom have spent together since she left home in 1993.  Michele’s Mom is holding her own these days…on a new fandango treatment called Iressa – a tyrosine kinase inhibitor targeting activated epidermal growth factor receptors.

‘M’ is for Michele’s 40th! Spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

‘M’ is for Mark Munk’s Marriage to Martina! That took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the day after Michele’s Birthday.

Other non-‘M’ related events in May included mainly birthdays: Imbaw on the 31st, Mark on the 25th, Alli on the 23rd, Julie on the 15th and Jasmine on the 8th…and that’s enough birthday cake for this month…

Lots more pics of these events and others posted in our albums, archives and even on facebook…drop us a line if you need a password…

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  1. Ben Says:

    Jasmine’s birthday is on the 6th of May.. not the 8th..

    PS we enjoyed seeing you guys, and thanks for the hospitality.

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