October Occurances

A 7th wedding anniversary was celebrated on October 12th. Remember Then…

And See Now…Well actually this photo was taken back in late August…but you get the idea!  It was our first time back to Ucluelet since the wedding and while the town has boomed, the beaches are exactly as we left them…

And of course Halloween on the 31st. Uncle Matt helped with the trick or treating while Imbaw handed out candy. Thomas’ self made costume was a bit awkward at times, but the hit of his preschool class! Nathaniel, on the other hand steadfastly refused to wear his ‘bat ears’…But the weather was great, so no complaints!

And yes indeed – Uncle Matt did give his Friday lecture wearing his costume…And that will have to do until December…

2 Responses to “October Occurances”

  1. Ginggi Says:

    Love the costumes! That’s a pretty awesome robot. Love the pictures in ucluelet too.

    We all can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  2. Michelle Annandale Says:

    You have no idea how happy it makes me that you still have that witch hat…lots of great memories of racing around Saint Norbert on Hallowe’en. The “before and after” pic of the Island are great…two additional little humans – and very cute ones!

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