Midnight Saskatoon Time! Happy New Year!

Posted in General on January 1st, 2013 by mish

The year in all, went as well as can be.
With Thomas in grade one and Nathaniel in school-pre.
Imbaw tackled school boards, to ensure good educations.
While reveling also in family vacations.

Much music abounded with two pianos played.
On our Steinway and Heintzman side by side duets were made.
Thomas and Nathaniel mastered many new tunes,
while Michele continued with old Claire de Lunes.

With much sorrow we remembered those lost to the sublime,
as well as watched NRC’s slow spiraling decline.
Battles were ongoing against the usual foe.
But finally that housekeeper, early in the New Year, should go!

For 2013 we look forward to more running.
Both in sneakers at marathons and in our new boat sunning.
Disneyworld in May?  Hey Hey!
A trip to France? In the fall perchance!

Wishing you all, all the best in 2013, from our ice castle to yours (Yes we turned our backyard into a skating rink! With the Cosmic Funk blasting on the iBear it made for a crazy New Years Eve on ice!!).