Sunshine and the Black Diamonds

Posted in General on April 27th, 2014 by mish

Well, it appears I didn’t manage to get a New Years post up this winter.  Its been really busy!! A couple months back I pulled out a bunch of photos from 2013 with good intentions, but somehow it never happened.  And now it just seems too late. So instead, we’ll just skip 2013 and move right on to 2014.  New Years in Boston with Imbaw’s family.  Michele spent a week in San Diego in January – even got out for a sail on the Pacific!  February saw us skiing snowy Big White for the first time in a decade, with Michele’s Dad too!  A lot has changed at Big White and all for the better!  Most amazing kids ski program on the continent I’m sure.  March was a very brief trip to Wpg, primarily for the purpose of doing a train trip back to Saskatoon on Via rail.  What a Hoot!  April (Easter Weekend) saw us driving back West to Sunshine this time, where we encountered some phenomenal snow conditions again.  So good in fact both boys were skiing mogully black diamond runs  with ease!  And this is where I’ll throw in a  few pics.  Of course you can click on any image to see the full size version.

Sunshine2014 014Sunshine2014 030Sunshine2014 029Sunshine2014 002Sunshine2014 026Sunshine2014 011Sunshine2014 009Sunshine2014 012Sunshine2014 018Sunshine2014 010Sunshine2014 001Sunshine2014 002 (1)