A New Year’s Retrospective in Verse

I sit by the open fire looking back on the year
And wonder how we arrived to be here.

The year started out much as to be expected
With snow and cold weather and the family somewhat disaffected
Michele with her work and Imbaw with Saskatoon
It was clear that a change was needed, and soon!

We engaged in some skiing to pass the time
A week at Big White, then Easter at Sunshine
It was great turning moguls with Dad and close friends
But the bigger issues, alas, these trips did not mend

Then looking East in the Spring, opportunities arose
And amidst Storer family visits and Michele’s piano exam throes
We painted and tiled and listed the house, phew!
And sold two boats, a trailer and a Subaru too

To friends and family we bid a fond farewell
Driving to Ottawa in August, where we now dwell
Nat in Grade one immersion, and Thomas in grade three
Michele biking to 100 Sussex and Imbaw engaging the new communities!

We are very well and wish you all a wonderful year in 2015!

Michele, Thomas, Nathaniel and Imbaw









Photo was taken at Owl Cabin on Weber Pond in December. Nat was stellar keeping up on the hour long uphill ski in!  Bodes well for the coming winter.  You can click on the photo to see a larger version.

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